Natural Decent Perfume for man


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Perfume For Men Lightweight Scent Infused With Fruity, Musky Notes – Stylish, Portable Bottle Design



  • A LABYRINTH OF FRAGRANCE; Minotaure for Men appears with fruity notes of Bergamot, easing into floral Jasmine and Geranium, and drying into a musky finish of Sandalwood, Amber and Cedar, with each note drawing the nose in a new, exciting direction
  • A LIGHTWEIGHT, ATMOSPHERIC COLOGNE; Unexpectedly manly and classy, without overwhelming the senses; Minotaure Men’s Amber Fragrance envelopes the wearer and those around him in a soft, fresh scent profile that is subtly alluring and seductive
  • INTENSE, LONG LASTING SCENT; Excite and enthrall your senses with a fragrance that emanates all day; Mist on this Eau De Toilette cologne and outlast the competition with an extreme wear spray that maintains aromatic payoff from day to night
  • STYLISH AND STREAMLINED: arrives in a trendy, vintage-inspired bottle that makes for a perfect 90’s-inspired addition to his fragrance collection, yet is compact enough to travel with him wherever he goes


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